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by Bully Molosser Mart on April 14, 2012

Part of our new backyard! The serenity of this photo is contradicting to this post but I WILL BE EXCITED and refuse to be soured in our HUGE accomplishment.

Some of you may not find this an appropriate post but this is my business and my life and they are on in the same. I have found our fans to be much more than just random strangers of the web and more of an extended family that I have grown to love.

Plus I have an honest question at the end I am agonizing about.

So as with everything Bully Mart we post about our personal happenings here too. This post is extremely personal &  random but you are my peepz and I really need to vent and restore my faith in humanity once more in addition to asking a sort of related question.

This could very well lose some existing fans of Bully Mart as well as potential future fans but my heart is about to burst and I need to …. to ….. to release it. Plus if this offends you then perhaps you are in the wrong place. This is who I am! Love me or hate me but know I am honest and have always been horrible at drawing the line between business and personal. This business is my life, ya can’t get much more personal than that. How can I be expected to divide the two?

So yesterday evening we had to head out to our new home and set up to have the water and electric turned on for our final walk through and inspection before we can move in. In doing so we met one of our new neighbors. YES FINALLY!  I was looking forward to introducing ourselves to our new neighbors in this new chapter in our lives. YAY!  Right? …no wrong!

Let me just say one word…..’DISAPPOINTED’. :( I am not one to pull the RACE card. In fact my stomach cringes anytime racial dividing talk arises. It infuriates me when its used for excuses so please take that into account when reading this.

All of my anxieties about moving out to bum flip Egypt were once more resurfaced. Within 5 mins of meeting 1 of our new ‘INTERESTING’ neighbors our children managed to hear 2 words they are not familiar with, ‘COLORED’ and the ‘N’ word. :*(. REALLY!? WTF!!!?

What have we just done? Moving our precious children into such an environment? Are people really that ignorant? Sadly yes. With it being an election year especially and this whole Trayvon Martin thing…the racial divide has only come to the forefront unfortunately. While this would likely not be as much of an issue if we lived in NYC, DC, DALLAS or some other modernized larger city it seems to be out in bum flip Texas where we are moving….so far anyway. I PRAY TO GOD the schools are more evolved, if not I guess homeschooling will be happening A LOT sooner then we anticipated. I have a sad feeling we will need to have that ‘TALK’ with our kids now. :(

I am ashamed to say the comments of our new neighbor totally caught me off guard and actually made me trip over my own words and nervously grin…all I could do was look away over to our children that were happy to be running around playing on the new property….all I did was look away at my children :(. Which if you know me is not something that happens often. Everything in me wanted to give a verbal lashing to our new neighbor letting her know WE DO NOT USE OR TOLERATE THOSE KINDS OF WORDS OR SPEAK, ESPECIALLY AROUND OUR KIDS.

I have been working on being more in control of my thoughts and words this past year but I feel like this was a time I SHOULD have opened my mouth and removed my filters. My heart broke a million times last night. These are our new neighbors, one of them at least.

What about RACIAL PROFILING to cap off an already racially charged evening?  REALLY? [slaps forehead] How is it that a cop can follow someone driving the speed limit, buckled up, up to date on all tags, no lights out or any other violations for that matter and pull you over to ask you WHERE ARE YOU HEADING? Really you can do that? Apparently!

Did you also know they can do that when you walk your dog in the same neighborhood that you have lived in for 6 years!? In broad day light no doubt just like everyone else walking their dogs but your the only one being questioned about what you are doing. Um…walking my f’ing dog you idiot. Do you not have eyes? Do you not see what everyone else is doing right now in the light of this beautiful Texas day?

Is it because you look different then what the common theme of the neighborhood is by being 6’5″, 280 lbs and of a certain race that you get stopped like this on a weekly basis? My heart hurts. In all my years of living in this area and driving like a krazy woman and walking my dog in the still of the night in suspicious clothing behind houses and through neighborhoods I have never ONCE been stopped! I regret to say I have stopped counting how many times they have stopped my Husband.

Are we really a country full of ignorant narrow minded prejudice and racist people? [deep sigh] My heart hurts. What kind of world is this? My eyes know no color. We ALL bleed red, we ALL cry tears, we ALL hurt & we ALL love just the same way.

Venting over now, [DEEP BREATH] …………….. & ………….. [EXHALE]

Okay now redirecting to my sort of related question.

This is for my country living peepz.

What do you do spider & fire ant control on a massive scale?

What about for snakes? What deterrents do you use for those lovely slithery creatures?

See they do sort of relate, my post is about us moving to the country and my question is about country living :).




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